About us

Uberflow specializes in developing state of the art vending solutions by using the best leading-edge innovative technologies available. We specialise in providing top quality vending machine solutions to first time buyers,vending companies,small to large businesses, not-for-profit organisations, hospitals, schools and Airports includingSydney Airport.

Advanced Technology

We incorporate the latest advancements in vending technology to help take you company to the next level.

Service Guarantee

We offer 12 months parts and labor warranty. In addition, we provide, for free, unlimited telephone and email support with our experienced technical support staff for the life of the machine.

Expert Advice

We supply free on-site training at time of purchase or anytime in the future at our warehouse. We show you how best to operate your new hi-tech vending machine.
Our crystal clear touch screen display panels can show paid advertising or promotional material, providing vendors with a secondary stream of income. In addition to this, we can assist with adding value and convenience to your patrons, with the capability of displaying site maps or to incorporate jukebox and/or information booth functions.

the smart Touch screen
in-room kiosk/Vending machine.

Dispenses commonly needed personal vending items such as,
Perfume, Deodorant, Toothbrush, Nail polish, Lipstick, Makeup, etc..

Payment for products and services can be made with Player Reward
Club Cards, Room Key Cards
or Credit/Debit Cards.

  • Room service
  • Book reservation at the in-hotel restaurants
  • Book reservation for outside hotel shows
  • in-house ads
  • Conduct surveys
  • Check-out

Smart touch vending

Can be used in any high traffic restroom areas. Both mens and womens restrooms can provide items that we sometimes forget. In addition, Family restrooms can also stock products for babies like baby wipes, diapers, rash creams, pacifiers and more.

Works well in conjunction with fold-out changing tables!

  • Product Video and Pictures
  • In-House Ads
  • Conduct Surveys
  • Third Party Ads
  • News and information Feeds
  • Join our advertising network

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